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It is also in the Branch's mandate to provide scientific information to inform departmental and governmental decision processes.

Under the Experimental Farm Stations Act dating back to 1886, farm stations across Canada were established.

The officers of these stations had the duty of conducting research in a number of specific areas pertinent to agricultural productivity and conservation, and of making the results of such research known by publication.

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Canada's hemp industry is pioneering the development of hemp-based foods.

Every year, Statistics Canada collects data from hundreds of surveys.

As the amount of data gathered increases, Statistics Canada has introduced infographics to help people, business owners, academics, and management at all levels, understand key information derived from the data.

To celebrate Canada 150, this new interactive historical timeline was created to showcase the key milestones in the history of Canadian producer price statistics.

This historical timeline contains answers to questions such as: Who collected Canada's first statistics? How long can a Canadian born in 2013 expect to live? At what ages are infants and older adults more likely to die?