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Com ctc wstx sr validatingstreamreader

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Categories: Audio (13)Biotech (29)Bytecode (22)Database (79)Framework (7)Game (7)General (454)Graphics (53)I/O (28)IDE (2)JAR Tools (45)Java Beans (16)JDBC (86)JDK (33)JSP (20)Logging (89)Mail (54)Messaging (8)Network (103)PDF (63)Report (7)Scripting (75)Security (67)Server (112)Servlet (11)SOAP (24)Testing (55)Web (24)XML (287)Other Resources: Software QA Resources Developer Resources DBA Resources Windows Tutorials Java JAR Files Programming Tutorials DLL Files File Extensions Security Certificates Regular Expression Link Directories Interview Q & ABiotech Resources Cell Phone Resources Travel Resources Frequently Asked Questions FYIcenter Forum Woodstox, Release 3.2.8 is a high-performance validating namespace-aware St AX-compliant (JSR-173) Open Source XML-processor written in Java.XML processor means that it handles both input (== parsing) and output (== writing, serialization)), as well as supporting tasks such as validation.We have got this issue fixed in our environment by making the above change on the F5 load balancer.These are the files of the artifact woodstox-core-lgpl version 4.0.11 from the group org.codehaus.woodstox.

When your application deployed on weblogic or webspehere is trying to hit an URL on the loadbalancer and throws the above error, it means the 2048 bit root cert on the LBA is missing the basic constraint.

Basic Stream Reader.finish Token(Basic Stream

Validating Stream Reader.finish DTD(Validating Stream

Meanwhile - at Tom Tom - I have patched the component myself as we've been suffering from BLOCKED threads while retrieving instances of Marshallers & Unmarshallers ( see below stacktrace ) under heavy load.

I've added a very basic implementation surrounding an Apache Commons Pool pooling - JAXBContexts ( not strictly required ), Marshallers and Unmarshallers.