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Always interested in doing new things and hanging out with my dear or anything.

Dating an intense guy

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What's the point in coming home from a long day at work and answering the question, “Honey, how was your day? What's better than having a woman who is more than just a pretty face but is actually striving to go somewhere in life?

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But I'm coming back with a new article, and a new idea!When he's talking about you to his friends (yes, guys talk) he wants to feel proud of you.You think he wants to say, “Oh, my girlfriend's passion is tanning and online shopping? A man wants to take pride in his lady because ultimately she is the extension of his choices and tastes.I know it sounds great, but really think about what that means.Each person will only get half of what he or she wants at best. You will not getting everything you want and dream of in the way of alignment.Having the much dreaded “Are you taking down your profile?