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And also because that's in Asia that you will find the most ladyboys, plain and simple.

No sign up live no age chatroulette

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We had a very interesting discussion about Chatroulette here last week.

Since then, reporters at the NY Times got the founder to talk and they posted the email exchange here.

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The user interface is a bit more refined and you need to have flash installed to even see how the UI looks like.

I need to start by thanking my co-worker for suggesting this story's headline. "So basically you're saying you want me to act as — what would you call it — bait? (And, though I didn't admit it at the time, maybe a tad concerned that users just might click past me, too.

"I was hoping you'd, um, help with the story," he said. As soon as they see me, they'll click, 'Next.'" OK, he did have a point there.

I'm not a terribly accomplished drinker, so by the time he's booted up the laptop, downloaded some recording software and signed on, I am no longer giggling nervously, I'm giggling like a half-drunken coed.

Or a grown woman behaving embarrassingly like a half-drunken coed. "Maybe I'm just a little scared about looking into the darkest corners of random strangers' sexual obsessions," I say (giggling, of course).