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Tay jardine and jordan eckes dating

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Staying true to the uptempo melodies and the co-ed dual vocals of Taylor Jardine and guitarist Jordan Eckes that initially perked up listeners, Best Intentions doesn’t diverge much from the band’s established sound, but shows enough growth to keep things interesting.Lead-off single “Rumor Mill” capitalizes on the co-ed vocals, as Eckes and Jardine take turns at the mike to illustrate the he said-she said aspects of a breakup, while “The Worst Thing About Me” looks at a failed relationship from the perspective of the one dumped.We Are the In Crowd seems to be on the fast track to pop-rock superstardom. We this short tour with this band named Amely, from Florida. Coming into it, we knew that and there were still obstacles that we faced that had us saying, “dang!Their new EP, Guaranteed To Disagree,” its filled with catchy hooks, strong riffs and dueling vocals that will make you want to roll the windows down! We were going down to Naples to write and play, and during the shows kids were coming out and singing along. That is not what we were thinking was going to happen! Jordan: Yeah, we were doing the whole “My Space pushing,” which is pretty much dead right now.

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[Verse 1] Someone should teach you some manners (I wish I had a camera) I think you’ve got more nerve than you’ve got tact (I wanna take a picture) of the look when your words bite you back (Remember how I showed you out just like that?

The latter outfit have also pioneered a female-led dynamic, with a number of virtual copycats popping up to cash in.

Quite possibly the most promising of the bunch is New York quintet We Are The In Crowd, who look to target both genders of the genre's predominantly young demographic by employing boy-girl vocals.

Then, the US tour will start February 21 and end April 1 with Candy Hearts Band, William Beckett, Set It Off, and State Champs. Taylex: During Warped Tour 2012, it was rumored Tay and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) were dating.

Alex sang on the deluxe version of Kiss Me Again and joined We Are the In Crowd on stage most days of Warped Tour.