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Trinidad and Tobago’s nearly 1.4 million people are English-speaking, but trace their roots back to Africa and India, China and the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Caribbean Carnival.

Grande Rivière (in northeast Trinidad) is the second largest leatherback turtle nesting site in the world, with 18% of the total global population nesting here.

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Trinidad is an online Recruitment Service that operates within the Trinidad and Tobago job market.The Return of Property Tax 11 To repeat myself both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance were at pains to emphasize that there would be no returning of property tax while at the same time proposing an industrial property tax to become effective in July 2014 as well as the reinstatement of the repealed Land and Building Taxes Ordinance.Of course they have forgotten completely Part V of the MCA 1990 that relates to the cities and boroughs that must be addressed/ re-enacted urgently on the same plane as the L&B. What is needed is a holistic and well-coordinated approach so that they, that is to say the Finance Minister and the Honourable Prime Minister are reading from the same page and not contradicting each other as is shown and set out below: The following are the relevant excerpts which seem to suggest that one is at variance with the other. Speaker, a land and building tax regime is a key pillar in all modern tax systems.He was of the view that this restoration of the L&B antiquated regime will restore the pre-existing tax levels status quo that prevailed until 2009 but he did say during what fiscal period this would occur and whether he had abandoned his target of achieving universal targeting of up-to-date valuations that is the determining factor in any property taxation system. The Minister of Finance said that by the time residential property taxation kicks in 2017 valuations will be current, completed and up-to-date and given what they are saying now it will be rated at seven and a half per cent of the inflated annual taxable value ( annual rentable value rented or not less 10%) instead of the three percent stipulated in the 2009 Act.He himself dubbed it the heart of any system of property taxation. Minister Howai does not realize and hitherto has not addressed the legal fact that property tax collection in the cities and boroughs is different from that of the L&B regime and was regulated by Part V of the 1990 Municipal Corporations Act. Here periodic and regular valuation of properties has reached a very advanced stage to being considered current and up–to-date (2008) and with varying rates of taxation reaching up to 10% of the ARV in the borough of Chaguanas and starting at 1% in Point Fortin. The question also needs to be asked is why in the face of an expected completion of the requisite valuation procedures regardless of what methodology is used it would seem necessary to firstly bring back the unnecessary and confusingly superfluous L&B taxes regime into the mix in the face of an impending introduction of an industrial property tax (2014) regime and secondly (a) with no land and building taxes (residential) due until 2017 although it (L&B) contains a rate of taxation ( 7 1/2%) for homes that is more than twice that of the 2009 Act and yet The Hon PM and Minister of Finance state quite confusingly that the aim of Government is to achieve the quantum of property tax paid status quo ante-2010? This according to the gospel of KPB is caring for T&T by unleashing a deep residential tax pit on the people of unsuspecting T&T and still saying that there would be no property tax. Minister Howai has spun a property tax web around himself aided and abetted by his PM.Banwari Trace was included in the 2004 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund.